Online Ordering

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0% Commission

Our commission-free subscription model helps you to save the heavy commissions that you pay to third-party aggregators.

Loyalty Program

Start your online business, run a loyalty program and bring in more orders to your restaurant. We have a variety of advanced loyalty features that allows you to acquire and retain customers and increase your revenue.


Easily customize the look and feel of your ordering platform to maintain your brand image.

QR Code Menu

Dedicated QR Codes can be generated and placed on tables, flyers, etc... to have a better ordering experience.

In-store/Tablet Ordering

Tablet-mode allows you to take orders via tablets. Waiters or walk-in customers can use these tablets to place orders.

Website Widget

You can add your online ordering to your website in a few minutes without the help of an IT expert.

Real-time Updates

You get real-time updates and notifications for your orders.

Data & Analytics

The admin panel helps you to manage incoming orders, analyze data and run personalized loyalty programs.


We are integrated with the best payment gateways that gives you an easy and faster checkout.


Send personalized pop-ups, emails or SMS right from your dashboard.


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