Our Products
Get to know few of our top products.
OrderO - Online Ordering
From small cafes to multi-chain restaurants, our Online Ordering platform will fit into, whatever your size is. Our software is designed to work for dine-in, take-away & home-delivery online orders.
As a customer, you can place your order & you will be notified on all processes till your order is delivered. From sign-up to placing orders, you’ll be up and running in minutes.
As a business, our software helps you to manage all your orders through your admin panel and we have built in loyalty programs that helps you to run promotions which effectively increases your number of orders.
All you need is an internet connection and a browser to get your powerful and fully-featured Ordering System.
No expensive servers, no contracts, no headaches & we have a very affordable pricing for you.
PushS - Save notes as push notifications
PushS is a free app that helps you to save your notes as push notifications. Keep PushS locked in background and start sending your PushS.
The PushS you sent won’t be cleared. It just stays there until you clear it.